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10 (More) Food Documentaries For Your Queue

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This year I’ve decided to spice up my to-watch queue with selections from the latest genre of thriller films: food documentaries. Because what’s more frightening than seeing exactly what all that processed food does to your health? The answer is nothing.

1. Food Mythbusters: Anna Lappé and Corporate Accountability International started the Real Food Media Project initiative’s Food Mythbusters to tell the “real” story of food, and debunk sustainable food and farming myths by creating an online information center. The initiative has multiple food documentaries available its website.

2. The Harvest: One of many food documentaries going beyond the plate. This movie follows migrant kids who harvest American produce. It clearly depicts the impact agricultural production on human quality of life.

3. Dive!: This movie takes a look at dumpster diving. The movie explores how much edible food actually gets dumped, and how throwing away good food exacerbates America’s food waste problem.

4. The Perfect Human Diet: This film follows a reporter’s journey to find a solution for diet-related disease and the obesity epidemic.

5. Chow Down: The film’s subjects -- Charles, John and Garnet – try to “heal” their diseases (heart disease and diabetes) by changing their diets.

6. American Meat: One of several food documentaries that examine the state of the U.S. meat industry. The film’s subjects share the stories of farmers who have transformed their industrial farms to grass-based farms. It also examines the history of animal husbandry and how animal care on the farm has changed over the years.

7. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead: This film chronicles two men and their weight loss through eating fresh, healthy food.

8. Vegucated: This film shows the lifestyle transformation of three people who love meat and cheese, and go vegan for six weeks.

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From the Organic Authority Files

9. The Weight of the Nation: This is the first of four mini food documentaries that examine how people in America are struggling with obesity.

10. Farmageddon: Farmageddon tells the story of a young boy who finds relief from his allergies and asthma after eating whole foods from farms, and raw milk. It also examines how people find these types of foods.

Want more? See our round-up of “17 Must-See Food Documentaries.” Think we missed a few? Tell us about your favorite food documentaries in the comments.

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