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7 Kitchen Scraps for Regrowing Vegetables and Reducing Food Waste
Credit: Kristen Kaethler on Upsplash
April 24, 2020
You can reduce food waste and save cash by regrowing vegetables from your kitchen scraps.
4 Brands Taking the Trash Out of Food Waste
Credit: iStock/minemero
February 14, 2019
These four consumer brands are giving food waste a good fight with products made from salvaged fruits and veg.
The Food Waste Produced By the World's Richest Countries Could End Global Hunger, Twice
October 18, 2018
Solving the world's food waste epidemic is also the key to solving the global hunger crisis, says the United Nations…
Widespread Adoption of Plant-Based Diets Will Help Feed the World By 2050, New Study Shows
October 15, 2018
Increasing plant-based food consumption, reducing food waste, and improving agricultural sustainability will help feed the global population.
iOne Pound Per Day: America's Food Waste Epidemic
April 20, 2018
Americans are throwing away nearly one pound of food per day, according to new research on the global food waste…
Walmart's New Food Waste Prevention Tech Could Save the Retailer $2 Billion
March 16, 2018
Walmart is looking to keep its produce section as fresh and free from food waste as possible. It's employed a…
Tyson Foods to Launch Plant-Based and Food Waste Product Lines
February 22, 2018
Tyson Foods, which has already invested in plant-based protein producers, says it's launching a line of plant-based ready-to-eat meals called…
This Food Waste Solution is Revolutionizing Industrial Composting
November 3, 2017
Industrial food waste is a huge problem filling up our landfills, but Industrial/Organic has found a way to tackle it…
NRDC's 2nd Food Waste Report Highlights Progress and Opportunities
August 17, 2017
The second edition of the NRDC's food waste report uncovers a startling fact about this global crisis: most of the…
Nutrient-Dense Food, Not Junk, Leading Food Waste Epidemic
iStock/Alexandra Iakovleva
May 16, 2017
New research out of Johns Hopkins finds we're losing valuable nutrients in our food waste epidemic.