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12 Organic Authorities to Follow on Twitter


Sure, we probably have other things we could be doing than Tweeting, but still, who doesn't love to Twitter? If you're following us @organicauthorit there already, you see all of our daily articles posted and some other fun stuff we've shared. But are you following these other 12 "Organic Authorities?" We hope so!

We heart Michael Pollan. He's not only a resource of incredibly important information, but he's humble and an authentic foodie in the very best way. @michaelpollan

Another super foodie we love to love, Mark Bittman is full of resources on great meal making tips and ways we can improve our relationships with food. @bittman

Marion Nestle is Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health and Professor of Sociology at New York University and she tweets @marionnestle

Tom Philpott's insightful and intelligent articles found on Grist about farming and food safety are eye-opening and well written. We love his latest on the fake organic milk industry. @tomphilpott

Naomi Starkman is the founder and editor at Civil Eats and all up in the business of getting healthy food information out through her San Fran forum, Kitchen Table Talks. @naomistarkman

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From the Organic Authority Files

We have been paying close attention to the Food Revolution host, Jamie Oliver here in LA as he's getting wily working around the resistant LA Unified School District who has pretty much banned him from sharing his wealth of health info with their students. @jamie_oliver

Organic Nation TV is an exploration of the American sustainable food landscape, traveling the country to document how sustainable food systems are being created. @organicnation

What's not to love about Mother Nature Network? They're awesome and full of great stories. We especially dig Robin Shreeves food pieces. @mothernaturenet

Slow Food USA is a great resource for staying in touch with healthy eating habits and how to keep it local and green. @slowfoodusa

Michelle Obama is so busy making our country healthier you've got to keep up with her on Twitter or you might miss something! @obamafoodorama

The Organic Trade Association works to encourage global sustainability by promoting diverse organic trade. They're a resource on all kinds of relevant topics like the GM debate. @organictrade

Part of the USDA National Agricultural Library, Food Safety provides information to educators, industry, researchers and the general public. From recalls to research, stay in the know. @foodsafety

And of course, please keep in touch with Jill Ettinger, the humble writer of this article:

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