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Justine Lassoff leading panel discussion at Bloomingdales
Credit: Photo by Alvin Manuel, AVM Photography
March 9, 2021
In a year most of us would like to forget, Love Goodly co-founder Justine Lassoff has seen good things happen…
Downstream Environmental Risks the Latest GMO Salmon Setback
Credit: Colin Czerwinski | Unsplash
December 3, 2020
The FDA's GMO salmon approval faces another hurdle after a judge says the environmental risks need reviewing.
'Forever Chemicals' In Your Sparkling Water: Is It Safe to Drink?
Credit: Photo by Matt Bonsfrord  on Unsplash
November 10, 2020
PFAS, aka "forever chemicals," have been found in a number of sparkling water brands. Should you drink them?
Blended Meat Products Are on the Rise: Here's What You Need to Know
Credit: Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash
September 17, 2020
Demand for blended meat is on the rise. But do customers prefer plant-based burgers in place of this hybrid product?
Meet the 9 Black-Owned Businesses Making Organic Mainstream
August 17, 2020
Black-owned businesses are having a long overdue moment.
Racism in the Supermarket Aisle
August 13, 2020
After decades of overlooking the innate racism behind black food mascots, some brands are finally changing their marketing.
make your own flower recipe
Credit: Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash
April 17, 2020
Got the DIY foodie buzz? Get grinding and make your own whole grain flours, easy.
7 Plant-Forward Meal Kits
Credit: Urban Remedy
December 30, 2019
It's easier than ever to focus on plants. These seven meal kits can help you hit your 2020 diet goals.
December 11, 2019
Home chefs are the easiest to shop for holiday gifts. Check out these kitchen gadgets and cookware sure to please…
November 27, 2019
Have no fear - your ultimate guide to wellness gifts is here! This is the guide to the perfect holiday…