15 New Year’s Resolutions for Foodies to Enjoy in 2015

You know that thing where there are so many improvements you want to make that your list of new year’s resolutions turns into a scroll? This is especially the case for me in the healthy eating department: In 2015, if I do the exact opposite of everything I did in 2014, I’ll finally become as healthy as you fine foodies.

So the question then becomes: With all of the amazing foods and delish recipes to choose from, where’s the best place to start with food-related New Year’s resolutions? Here are 15 potential new year’s resolutions to choose from that are totally doable (and fun!):

  1. Try one new food every week for a year – or find a new way to spice things up with one of your go-to recipes.
  2. Drink more water. You’re probably dehydrated right now and don’t even realize it.
  3. Design your own salad. Let’s be honest: Greens are boring, but essential for a healthy diet. Find a salad recipe – or invent your own – that excites you and makes you look forward to all of those vitamins and antioxidants.
  4. Take ten. Promise yourself to take an extra ten minutes to enjoy each and every meal. (I started using this New Year’s resolution a little early and it turns out I do know how to chew.)
  5. Once a month, cook (or bake) a recipe from one of your Pinterest boards.
  6. Hone your skills by learning new cooking techniques or mastering the ones that give you a hard time.
  7. Tackle that tupperware cupboard once and for all.
  8. Master the art of mason jar snacks.
  9. Expand your smoothie repertoire. We all have that one meal per day that tends to be our weak spot. Whether we skip breakfast because we slept in or order takeout for dinner because we’re working late, there’s always one meal that’s slightly unhealthier than the rest. By expanding on the smoothie recipes you know off the cuff, you’ll be able to blend your way to healthier habits – and still accomplish that massive to-do list.
  10. Sharpen your knives on the regular to increase efficiency in your kitchen. Dull knives make prepping meals a total pain in the tuchus, not to mention make you more prone to injury.
  11. Inventory your fridge, freezer and pantry and replenish anything that’s missing or expired. Venture to do this on a biweekly or monthly basis, depending on how quickly you rotate through your household stock.
  12. Ditch dieting: It sets you up to think and react in an all-or-nothing sort of way. Focus on the process of transitioning the parts of your diet that need a pick-me-up instead of just stopping cold turkey.
  13. Make every single recipe from your cookbook of choice – a la “Julie and Julia.”
  14. Create a signature cocktail just for you.
  15. Treat yourself. Make 2015 a year of (healthy) indulging, and make all that deprivation nonsense a thing of the past.

Are you making food-related new year’s resolutions this year?

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Image: Michael Stern