3 Farming Apps for Happy Growers and Healthy Fields

Farming apps make growing much easier.

Modern farmers are blessed. Growers have all sorts of technology at there disposal that allows them to work more efficiently than ever. One type of tech farmers can easily use are apps — they’re cheap, portable, and allow a grower see everything that’s happening on their land. Because these apps are so cool and helpful, we’ve rounded up 3 farming apps that stand out.

1. FarmLogs

We caught wind of this awesome app from the New York Times. The FarmLogs app was created by Jesse Vollmar with the idea for the app sparked in 2011 after Vollmar’s uncle expressed disdain for his new farming data management system. Vollmar and his business partner responded by creating FarmLogs.

According to the Times, the app allows users to record planting dates, watering schedules, and crop yields. It also allows farmers to get data about rainfall totals at their farm, and their land’s soil health. This type of app is really changing the way farmers work, allowing them to “see” all their land at once: “It is a striking departure from just a few years ago, when farmers had to travel to their far-flung fields, scribble such data in notebooks and input it into hard-to-use software that resided on a specific desktop computer,” reports the Times. Grist adds that this app is especially useful for organic farms because of its record keeping features.

2. TractorPal

TractorPal is an app that allows farmers to keep “inventory and maintenance records for all personal agriculture machines and attachments.” This includes cars and trucks of all brands, and various types of machinery (tractors, lawn mowers, combines, sprayers, loaders, skid-loaders, backhoes, attachments, and more, reports CropLife). “You can also record each item’s maintenance (e.g., changing oil, filters, tires, and irregular repairs), and [the app] will remind you when service is required,” CropLife adds.

3. Grower’s Edge

If you are a grower that’s concerned about cash prices and market quotes (and why wouldn’t you be), Grower’s Edge is the app for you. It also serves a “variety of functions, including access to cash prices and market quotes, market commentary, weather and news,” reports Ag Web. All information provided is personalized for the farmer and the farm’s location.

Are you a grower? If so, what farming apps do you use?

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