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Antibiotics: Tyson Chicken Wants to Lie to Consumers


Tyson, the world’s largest processor of meat, injects unborn chickens with antibiotics. They freely admit it, but here’s the kicker. They’re suing the USDA to let them keep their Antibiotic-Free label. Because they claim since their chickens are injected before they hatch, they’re technically not “raised” with antibiotics. Wow! Now that’s some world class audacity; via TreeHugger.

No pun intended, but what marketing kook hatched that plan! Okay, as punishment for being tremendously arrogant and delusional, Tyson should be forced to raise chickens in Herefordshire, England. Why? Because balloons flying over local farms are causing chickens to explode! Well, not the actual chicken, the eggs in side the hen, killing the bird; The Telegraph reports.

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