Ben & Jerry’s Finally Announce a Vegan Ice Cream is in the Works

Ben & Jerry’s Finally Announce a Vegan Ice Cream is in the Works

What would Stephen Colbert have to say about this? His beloved ice cream namesake producers Ben & Jerry’s have announced plans to launch a vegan ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s Finally Announce a Vegan Ice Cream is in the Works

This isn’t a fruity sorbet or sherbet. It’s legitimate creamy sweet ice cream made the Ben & Jerry’s way, but without the involvement of cows. The vegan ice cream, which would also sate those with dairy allergies and intolerances, is expected to be made with almond or coconut milk as the base.

“Our Flavor Gurus are always in the lab looking at ways we can bring the fun and indulgence of Ben & Jerry’s to new fans,” Ben & Jerry’s spokesperson Kelly Mohr told The Huffington Post. “A nondairy dessert is something we are working on, because everyone has the right to enjoy great dessert.”

Ben & Jerry’s has been repeatedly asked to create a vegan ice cream flavor, and a recent petition garnered more than 27,000 signatures in favor of the brand offering a vegan flavor.

And there’s certainly a market for nondairy frozen desserts. According to Food Navigator, the nondairy frozen dessert market is expected to double or triple in the next five years.

“In the US there are (dairy-free) alternatives from smaller companies but Ben & Jerry’s will be first mainstream company that will do that and will also do it in a really delicious way,” Jerry Greenfield told Metro UK. He added that he hopes the new frozen treat will “mean a lot all those who can’t eat dairy”.

While the launch isn’t happening until some time in 2016 (presumably before summer), it’s expected to have a very gracious and eager audience waiting to dig in.

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