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Boxed Wine Helps New York Restaurant Go Green


Boxed wine is usually reserved for NASCAR rallies and hanging out behind Wal-Mart, but since Manhattan restaurant Sojourn switched to wine stored in a bag, packaged in a box, and served out of a barrel, they've saved a bundle on shipping costs and cut down the amount of bottles and packaging they go through.

The bag-box-barrel wine has saved Sojourn $30 to $40 per case of wine and the savings are passed on to their customers. At Sojourn a glass of Pinot costs $9 to $11, it can go for $16 at other restaurants. Cheap and green, very cool.

And just look, Sojourn is no Arby's, switching to boxed wine has done little to tarnish their chic reputation. I want some wine out of a barrel stat!

From the Organic Authority Files

Via Green Inc.

Image credit: GreenIncNYT

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