British Police Investigating “Mislabeled” Organic Meat

In the United Kingdom, just like here in the United States, organic meat comes at a premium. In Britain, roughly a 30% to 40% mark-up.

So if you’re paying that much more, you expect some high-quality organic meat, and not plain old stuff with a fancy label.

But British consumers might have been duped. Authorities are investigating whether or not regular beef at one slaughterhouse was “mislabeled” as organic.

Turns out the bogus meat may have actually been imported, instead of homegrown.

Officials urge there are no health risks stemming from the meat, just that a bunch of consumers could have been duped. The meat in question has already been pulled from supermarket shelves.

The meat manufacturer under scrutiny has already been fined for breaches in effluent regulations, i.e. waste water, and failing to use proper equipment, but is cooperating with the current investigation.

I believe there were shenanigans going on. Call me a skeptic, but if you put a whole bunch of corporate suits in a room when money is involved, rules get bent and people look the other way.

Via The Times Online.

Image credit: Letter Jay