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Buy Local Fruits and Vegetables to Go Organic, and Save Money

In April, the Environmental Working Group released a report ranking the 12 dirtiest fruits and vegetables, and the 15 cleanest.


The icky stuff, i.e. most contaminated with pesticides, included produce like nectarines, cherries, and carrots.

But avocados, mangos, and eggplant, were among the safer foods.

From the Organic Authority Files

The problem is, more often than not, organic stuff is more expensive than conventional fruits and vegetables.

So a quick tip to eat cleaner and save a little money is to buy foods from local farmers markets, a lot of the stuff can be organic, plus little markets are almost always cheaper than big retailers.

Another way, and its not technically organic, is to buy regular fruits and vegetables, specifically the clean stuff, and give them a good scrub to avoid any pesticide residue.

I guess I'm a casual organic buyer. I'm not super anal about it, if I see some organic fruits and vegetables I buy them, but I usually purchase organic food products, like cereals, soymilk, tofu, and bread.

Via Island Life.

Image credit: yarnzombie

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