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Calling Something "Organic" Helps Sales

When you buy organic foods, especially fruits and vegetables, you dodge a lot of undesirables, like pesticides, chemicals, hormones and other Frankenstein stuff.


But you hear a lot of bellyaching about organics being more expensive, which more often than not they are.

In a down economy this sounds like the kiss of death, but maybe not, being organic might actually help stimulate sales.

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From the Organic Authority Files

People like the word “organic” because it gives them a wholesome image of healthy food, and or a lush farm-like atmosphere that makes them feel good.

Either way, marketing products as organic—and hopefully they really are—is a great way to keep people buying them, even when the economy stinks.

Plus, in our new “green” world, people like the idea of buying and using products that go easy on the environment, i.e. low carbon footprint, sustainable production, recycling, etc. So advertising this message is another win-win.

Normally, I am very skeptical of marketing—even though I have a degree in it—but I think when it comes to luring people in with the organic message, it's a cool idea.

Via The Blue Banner.

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