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Doctor Goes Organic for 3 Years...


It takes 3 years for a breeding animal to be certified as organic by Department of Agriculture. That’s why Dr. Alan Greene, celebrity pediatrician, chose not to eat anything but organic food for 3 years and in effect, making him a certified organic human.

He admits it was tough, especially on the road, when he couldn’t find anything organic. Meaning, this isn’t for everyone, but he beams about the health benefits of going all-organic:

Dr. Greene said he was inspired to go all-organic after talking to a dairy farmer who noted that livestock got sick less after a switch to organic practices. He wondered if becoming 100 percent organic might improve his own health.

Three years later, he says he has more energy and wakes up earlier. As a pediatrician regularly exposed to sick children, he was accustomed to several illnesses a year. Now, he says, he is rarely ill.

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From the Organic Authority Files

He hit the 3-year marker in October, but is sticking with it. Although, he’s trying to decided whether or not to stay all-organic or ease up a little.

What’s funny is in certain parts of the country when he asked if they had any organic food. Half the people would reply, “Do you mean vegetarian?” I get that a lot too.

Oh, and don't forget about these organic celebrities!

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