Farm to Table Lovers, Meet Pizza Farms

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Pizza and farms may not seem like they have much in common after the ingredients have been harvested and sent off to await delivery in 30 minutes or less, but guess again. The latest farm to table movement is the pizza farm. And it’s pretty darn awesome.

If farm to table conjures images of fresh, seasonal foods, minimally processed, pizzas are probably among the last menu items you’d have in mind. Maybe you’re picturing a big, bountiful salad, fresh baked bread or a roasted pumpkin. But pizza farms are changing all that.

“A pizza farm is a farm that serves pizzas made from ingredients grown right there in the area, either on the farm’s property or on neighboring properties,” reports the Huffington Post. “Sometimes the crops and livestock pens are even organized into ‘slices,’ made into the shape of a giant pizza.” Yep. Pizza-shaped crop circles.

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pizza farm

These farms host farm to table “pizza nights” using outdoor brick ovens to prepare pizzas from the freshest farm ingredients. “People come from all over the country, road tripping to pizza,” explains the Post. Guests are often encouraged to bring picnic blankets, beer or wine and enjoy a fresh pizza out under the stars on a bucolic farm setting. That might just be the most perfect date night ever.

And unlike Domino’s, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s offerings, you’re getting no frozen ingredients or those made with fillers, artificial flavors or added trans fats. Even the sauces are made from garden-grown fresh tomatoes and basil. (I bet they offer lots of extra napkins to sop up all the drooling.) While these pizza farms are obviously using animal ingredients, it would surely be easy to get vegan pizza options made as well, making it an even healthier pie.

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There are a number of pizza farms in the Midwest, but they’re also cropping up all across the country. Make your drive out to the country even more worth your while by seeing if the farm offers options for taking home a box of fresh farm-grown fruits and veggies.

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