FDA’s Stance on BPA too Loose

Bisphenol-A, or BPA, is a compound found in the liner of aluminum cans and used to make hard plastic. Over the years, BPA has been under ever-increasing scrutiny.


Last year, BPA was found into interfere with brain cells and cause learning impairments. That’s why states like Connecticut, New Jersey and Delaware wanted it banned.

Many claim the FDA is too relaxed on BPA. So Wednesday, a group of companies, foundations and advocacy groups petitioned the FDA to better ensure the soundness of research on the safety of BPA.

From the Organic Authority Files

The coalition claims the Food & Drug Administration is too dependent on industry-data and that the BPA industry wishes to prevent regulation and protect industries that use Bisphenol-A.

Without government-backed regulation companies that produce and use BPA will have no reason to investigate the potential health consequences of the chemical. If the FDA were to put pressure on the BPA industry, it would force manufacturers to develop a safe alternative.

Listen, the government has to protect us from potentially harmful products, because companies don’t care. For example, in 2001—NOT 1801—a company was fined $500,000 for selling flammable children’s pajamas.

Hard to believe stuff like this is still going on today!

Via Red Green and Blue.

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