Forget Turducken: The Ultimate Vegetarian Thanksgiving Feast is ‘Vegducken’

Vegducken is the ultimate vegetarian Thanksgiving main dish.

Last year at Thanksgiving, turducken was making the rounds as the hot new thing you should try for Thanksgiving. This year, it’s vegducken. Turducken, for the uninitiated, is a dish made from a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey, and with each layer padded with stuffing. According to the Delish, this mega-meat dish has its origins in Louisiana, which is completely easy to believe.

Vegducken (or veggieducken) is a play on the same concept but completely takes the meat out of the equation. This means vegetarians everywhere are rejoicing over an end to the awful and ubiquitous Tofurky on the vegetarian Thanksgiving table (sorry, if you are a fan). Instead, vegetarians can now revel in having a main dish to rival the star status of the turkey on the omnivore’s table! How awesome it that?

And the Vegducken doesn’t seem all that complicated to make. Yes, there are more than a couple of steps, but this is for Thanksgiving after all–you really should have a showstopper main dish.

The recipes out there for vegducken do vary. Some are vegan, others are considered vegetarian, and the layers vary as well. The only constant main ingredient is the butternut squash, which seems like the perfect vegetarian Thanksgiving vehicle. While the ingredients are different, the technique is basically the same–stuff a butternut with ever smaller types of veggies sandwiched between layers of vegetarian stuffing. It’s sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

But, how does one prepare a vegducken? Here are some recipes and how-tos for making your own vegetarian Thanksgiving vegducken.

Vegducken: A Vegetarian Thanksgiving Primer

  • Vegan Degducken Recipe – This recipe is completely plant-based and calls for two flax eggs, which consists of nothing more than two tablespoons of ground flax mixed with hot water.
  • Vegetarian Vegducken – With both eggs and butter, this version is not vegan. It also sounds amazing!
  • Another Vegan Version – This recipe, also known as “Squashleekotato Roast”, calls for red peppers, banana squash, leeks, and yams.
  • Veggieducken Technique Video – From the Sporkful, a great food podcast, here’s a video to help you with the vegducken technique.

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Image: Vegducken viaThe Sporkful