From Our Friends: April 11, 2014

Welcome to this week’s installment of From Our Friends, a weekly roundup where we highlight some of our favorite posts, published by our friends and partners around the web.

This week’s edition includes a possible “Srirachocalypse,”how to be happy according to some very opinionated kids, how to clean your yoga mat (like REALLY clean it), how whey protein helps rejuvenate after exercise, five reasons why turmeric can change your life, ideas for upcycling old globes, how to make friends as an adult, and why you should kiss MORE. Enjoy!

1. Don’t freak out, but the apocalypse is nigh. Well, maybe not the real end of days, but what hot sauce loving people are referring too as the “Srirachocalypse.” The Huy Fong Foods factory might have to shut down Sriracha production––for real this time. Read more at Blisstree.

2. Who knows more about being happy than a bunch of kids? HooplaHa sat down with four very opinionated kids who shared their thoughts on smiling, laughing and being happy. Find out what these young happiness experts had to say!

3. Ever nestled into child’s pose, taken a deep, cleansing breath, and smelled something…seriously off? That’s your trusty yoga mat. With regular use, it gets covered in dirt, oils, and—if you’re doing it right—plenty of sweat. Learn how to REALLY clean your yoga mat at

4. Exhausted after exercise? Whey is a great source of energy to incorporate into your fitness routine. Learn how The Organic Whey builds back better and improves workout recovery now! (Don’t forget, The Organic Whey now available via too!)

5. EcoSalon has 5 turmeric benefits will change the way you look at this unique herb. They will change your life! Read on.

6. Experience Life teaches us how to get past the awkwardness of reaching out to new people and make friends as adults.

7. There’s something so beautiful about globes– their color, their history, their texture, etc. You can find old or vintage globes at thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, and antique stores. Decorate them or you can do an awesome DIY craft with it! Crafting a Green World shows us how to upcycle a pretty globe.

8. How often do you get to smooching with your honey? Well, you might want to up those makeout sessions because it turns out that there are lots of health benefits of kissing. Read more from Fit Bottom Girls.

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