From Our Friends: April 27, 2012


We hope you have enjoyed our two-week celebration of America's sustainable farmers. We are so excited to meet you all in our online live cooking demo tomorrow! We are also very thankful to have such great friends around the web who have helped us spread the word this week. They've had a great week, too. Check out these awesome articles on exercise, cleaning with essential oils, saying no to plastic bags, natural kids' toys, and a photo of what two-year old fast food looks like. Enjoy, and we'll see you for lunch tomorrow!

1. Want to get tough and have a blast doing it? Try working out like some of the strongest men and women in the world. Read this article about old-time strongpeople from Experience Life.

2. Get rid of those toxic chemicals and learn how to spring clean with fragrant essential oils with this post from The Organic Whey.

From the Organic Authority Files

3. The hardest part of the Zero Waste Challenge is making a conscious decision and sticking to it. Take the challenge from EcoSalon and just say NO to plastic bags!

4. Check out these great natural toys for your little explorer from MightyNest. We love the tool belt!

5. Want to see what two-year old fast food looks like? Blisstree has all the big chains side by side -- and none of their food seems to age. Check it out if you dare.

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image:The Organic Whey

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