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From Our Friends: December 21, 2012

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Welcome to this week's installment of From Our Friends, our weekly roundup where we highlight some of our favorite posts from the past week from our friends and partners around the web. This week's edition includes articles on habitual behaviours, why you should stock up your kitchen with lemons, how to make art with your kids sans the toxins, how to center yourself and regain compassion, and how to find out if you have optimal heart health. Enjoy these, and have a wonderful weekend!

1. New York Times reporter Charles Duhigg explores the scientific research about habitual behaviors and what it reveals about how to change them. Read all about it on Experience Life.

2. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, lemons are a must for every household. Their many health benefits include improving digestion, fighting cancer and more. Read why they should be a part of your daily diet on The Organic Whey.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Luckily, there are more options available now for making art with your kids SANS the toxins. Instead of using heavy metals and harsh chemicals, there are natural art materials that are made with fruit and plant extracts for gorgeously vibrant colors and also the sweet aroma of "realness" while you paint or draw. Read all about them on MightyNest.

4. Here are 3 simple steps from YogiTimes that can help you centre yourself and regain compassion for your child and yourself, and guide you to ride the waves of parenting effortlessly and compassionately, rather than being dragged down under the dumpers!

5. This is pretty shocking…according to a new study, just 3% of Americans have optimal heart health. Even if you think you’re doing everything right, check out Blisstree's list of nine heart-healthy items and see where you rank–and why so many of us fall into the the other 97%.

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