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From Our Friends: Memorial Day Edition

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Memorial Day weekend is upon us! Just thinking about it evokes images of outdoor grilling, cold drinks, friends and family, and most of all: Summer! And while this day is most importantly about remembering and commemorating the heroes that gave their lives for their country, the sunny three-day weekend vibe is inescapable. So to give you some ideas for what to throw on the grill and serve to your guests, we have dedicated this week's From Our Friends to just that. Enjoy.

1. Love spicy food? Experience Life has a great article on cooking with hot peppers that is sure to give your grilling a kick!

2. For our vegan and vegetarian friends, Rodale has you covered! Check out their five meatless recipes for your MD grill. You can also get more options from our own article here.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. We know you will be serving up some cold ones, but did you know that the FDA might require alcoholic products to label calorie counts? The Daily Green has all the details. We'll let you decide if that's a good thing or not.

4. Speaking of those empty beer bottles, Greenopolis has 10 creative ways to recycle them! You have to check out these pictures.

5. This last article isn't neccesarily Memorial Day related, but we thought you would love this graphic. From Mommyish: Public Breastfeeding Is About The Baby -- And Nothing Else, Says Awesome Chart.

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