From Our Friends: September 23, 2011


Each week we work tirelessly (but happily!) to deliver quality articles to you that are both entertaining and educational. And along the way, we come across so many other awesome posts from our friends around the web that we can't help but share. Keep an eye out each Friday for our favorites. This week you can find out if you live in Caffeinated America, how to be a stainless steel expert, international travel at home, and more! Enjoy!

1. Are you part of Caffeinated America? Blisstree discovers and discusses America's top 10 most caffeinated cities.

2. What's the difference between the different grades of stainless steel? What do the different numbers mean? Find out everything you need to know at MightyNest!

From the Organic Authority Files

3. International travel doesn't always require a passport. Experience Life has five U.S. cities where you can immerse yourself in other cultures — without going through customs.

4. According to Rodale, the USDA Forest Service is reporting that fracking waste water kills trees and vegetation.

5. Stated in a report by the BBC, garden therapy could be beneficial for people suffering from dementia.

image: Daily Shot Of Coffee

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