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From Our Friends: Thanksgiving 2011

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Thanksgiving is upon us! Since this is the last From Our Friends until after Turkey/Tofurky day, we've decided to dedicate every article to providing you with great tips on choosing the right turkey, how to manage your stuffing intake, sneaking in some last-of-Summer produce, greening your Thanksgiving and keeping toxic pots and pans out of your delicious holiday cooking. We hope everyone has a chance to enjoy the time off work (hopefully!) and the time spent with their families. Happy Thanksgiving OA readers!

1. There’s real beauty in choosing a free-range heritage turkey. You’ll get richer flavor, better nutrition—and the satisfaction of supporting a rare breed of poultry farmer, too. Read more at Experience Life!

2. Blisstree helps you discover just exactly what 100 calories worth of stuffing looks like. You may be surprised!

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Get some produce in your Thanksgiving feast! EcoSalon gives you 9 delicious tips for using the last of your Summer produce!

4. Want your Turkey (or Tofurky!) Day to be a little more eco-friendly? Take a look at this classic article from MightyNest on how to Green Your Thanksgiving!

5. It's prime season for cooking and baking; don't let toxic pots and pans spoil the festivities. Rodale lets you know how to keep questionable chemicals out of your holiday cooking!

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