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5 Beautiful Cities Working to Save the Environment
April 19, 2018
These five cities are pioneers in renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions. They are set to save the environment, one…
5 Small Ways to Make a Big Difference for the Planet
April 17, 2018
It doesn't take much to save the environment, and these five individual actions that make a big environmental difference are…
9 Summer Beach Bag Essentials: Hello Hydration, Healing, and Happiness!
July 24, 2017
Bring any or all of the following nine summer beach bag essentials to protect your hair, skin, and nails from…
garden pests
July 22, 2015
Give your garden pest control and eco-friendly makeover with nontoxic steps to keep critters at bay.
June 9, 2015
Since your fam and best buds aren't exactly fans of eating food with a side of BPA, here are 8…
9 Eco-Friendly Yarns You'll Love for Your Knitting Projects
April 19, 2015
These eco-friendly yarns are perfect for your knitting projects — pinky swear! From organic cotton to hemp to seaweed, you'll…
christmas tree farm
December 15, 2014
Looking for ways to make this Christmas merry, bright and green? Have an eco-friendly Christmas with an adopted, potted Christmas…
kitchen remodel
August 16, 2014
Try our five kitchen remodel tips for an eco-friendly kitchen that brings new life without breaking your budget or creating…
fairy garden
May 29, 2014
If you want to get dirty this summer, check out these five fun backyard garden ideas from kid-friendly fairy gardens…
Organic Authority Goodie Box
May 12, 2014
Summer's almost here and Organic Authority has you covered with the Summer Glow Goodie Box. $465+ in products for just…