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From "The Breakfast Club" to Wine Cellar


Perhaps it was the sudden death of John Hughes in 2009 that sealed the door on the 1980's, forcing those who still think of Molly Ringwald as a cherub-like awkward teenager to accept the fact that time doesn't stand still, not even for "The Breakfast Club."

Like his father (Martin Sheen) and brother (Charlie Sheen), cast member of 80's hits, "The Breakfast Club", "The Outsiders," and "St. Elmo's Fire" Brat Pack member, Emilio Estevez, has led a dynamic Hollywood career as an actor, writer and director. And apparently, Mr. Estevez is also a budding vintner.

Appearing in a New York Times story on January 22nd, Estevez and his fiancé, Sonja Magdevski, discuss how they have turned their Malibu property into a sprawling maze of grape vines.

Now (gasp) 48, Mr. Estevez still maintains an optimistic youthful vibe, if even somewhat out of place and odd, his approach to winemaking is quite reminiscent of his early roles as that slightly crazed, but good-hearted guy like Kirby in "St. Elmo's Fire", Andy in "The Breakfast Club" and Two-bit in "The Outsiders." Even his parents (who live just down the street) opposed turning his front yard into a vineyard in what could easily be fodder for a TeenCom movie plot ("St. Elmo's Syrah?").

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From the Organic Authority Files

Mr. Estevez's fascination with wine started as a collector nabbing up California varieties before launching Casa Dumetz, which, with the help of some outsourced grapes, will produce more than 600 cases of wine this year.

Mr. Estevez told the NY Times, “Not to sound too woo-woo, but my grandfather, who was from Galicia, Spain, grew up tending a vineyard and growing potatoes and raising chickens and all of these things that are coming naturally to me now,” he said. “I was drawn to it in an unconscious way."

Conscious or unconscious, Mr. Estevez is tapped into something we all could use a little more of (especially if you're sitting inside reading this)—spending time every day in nature, even if that means your front yard, with or without it being a budding vineyard. Research conducted by England’s University of Essex found that just five minutes of outdoor activity boosts mood and self-esteem. And there's also lots of research pointing to the health benefits of drinking red wine. Seems like Mr. Estevez has traded the role of awkward teenager for that of a wise man.

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