Grape-Nuts Goes GMO-Free, One-Ups Cheerios with 3rd Party Verification

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Following the major news earlier this month that General Mills’ original flavor of Cheerios cereal is now free of genetically modified organisms, Post has made a similar announcement about Grape-Nuts.

Effect immediately, reports Post, the popular breakfast cereal will actually bear the Non-GMO Project third party verification on Grape-Nuts boxes—something Cheerios has declined to do for now.

GMO Inside, the national consumer campaign from Green America that was responsible for putting pressure on Cheerios to go GMO free reported the news on its website.

“GMO Inside thanks Post for removing GMOs from Grape-Nuts Original and congratulates them for doing it right with third party verification,” said Green America GMO Inside Campaign Director Nicole McCann in a statement. “We’re glad Post is also considering removing GMOs from other cereals and look forward to seeing them on the shelves. We would also love to see Post supporting mandatory GMO labeling.”

Mangala D’Sa, Brand Director for Grape-Nuts told Food Navigator, “We’ve confirmed our recipe and suppliers do not contain GMO ingredients, and the Non-GMO Project seal will appear on boxes of Grape-Nuts Original on store shelves.”

The company did not comment on the use of soy protein in the Grape-Nuts ingredients. Soy is a common GMO ingredient. But a statement sent to Food Navigator noted that vitamins A, D and B12 have been removed from the formulation.

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