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Holiday Articles From Our Friends

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With Christmas and New Years Eve quickly approaching, everyone is scrambling to make their holiday get togethers perfect, espcially with food. With the help of some of our friends around the web, we have pulled some great articles that should make your holiday experience a little less stressful, and a little more green.

1. Triple Pundit has a great article on how nutritional advertising can drive sustainability.

2. We all eat A LOT of food over the holidays. Thankfully, Simple Steps has some tips on how to stay safe doing so.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. Our friends at Your Daily Thread want you to have a holly jolly waste free holiday!

4. For our midwestern travelers, Traveling Greener has some cool info on a green Chicago hotel!

5. Want some great desserts without having to spend too much cash? Rodale has you covered.

6. With all the gift wrapping you will be doing, you might want to check out Maria's Farm Country Kitchen's greener holiday wrapping options.

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