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4 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste
Credit: Photo by Jakub Kapusnak on Unsplash
December 29, 2018
Want to reduce your environmental footprint and keep wildlife safe by using less plastic? This¬†collection of tips will help you…
Neiman Marcus' New Plant-Based Cafe Serves Up Vegan Treats That Jessica Alba Loves
Image via Instagram/Yvonne Ardestani
May 21, 2018
Yvonne Ardestani of Yvonne's Vegan Kitchen is supplying the plant-based desserts for the new Neiman Marcus vegan cafe. Click here…
Kelly Ripa Swears By an Alkaline Diet for Her Ripped 47-Year-Old Body
<i>Image via Mark Consuelos/Instagram</i>
April 16, 2018
Kelly Ripa owes her rockin' bikini body at age 47 to an alkaline diet and a regular workout routine. Click…
Jennifer Garner is Cooking Up Some Healthy Treats on Instagram
<i>Image via Instagram/Jennifer Garner</i>
April 9, 2018
The actress is sharing some of her favorite go-to recipes for healthy snacks whenever she gets a craving for something…
The Royal Family Skips This Food While Traveling and Maybe You Should Too
<i>Image via Instagram/Kensington Palace</i>
April 3, 2018
The Royal Family avoids this particular food group while traveling and here's why you should too because food poisoning is…
'Ultra-Processed' Food Leads to 12% Increase in Cancer Risk, Study Finds
March 29, 2018
The more processed foods in the diet, the greater the cancer risk, says new research out of France that looked…
Gina Rodriguez's 4 Secrets to Staying Healthy and Happy
<i>image via Gina Rodriguez/Instagram</i>
November 6, 2017
The busy star of "Jane the Virgin" reveals her top tips on how to balance staying healthy and happy, even…
Protein Shakes Helped Emma Stone Gain 15 Lbs of Muscle But Are They Good for You?
<i>image via Rise Movement Studio/Instagram</i>
October 5, 2017
To prepare for her role as Billie Jean King in the movie, "Battle of the Sexes," Emma Stone bulked up…