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Important Articles From Our Friends (February 24, 2011)

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While we take great pride in our articles about healthy organic living, we always feel it's necessary to share some of our friends' articles as well. This allows you to have an even broader scope of healthy and important information within your grasp. This week includes articles about how air pollution might be giving people heart attacks, as well as some great information on Eating Disorders Awareness Week! Must keep our foodies healthy! Enjoy.

1. Yes Magazine explains why localization is the "economics of happiness."

2. Did you know that cell phones may actually speed up your brain metabolism? Discovery has all the info.

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From the Organic Authority Files

3. The Huffington Post is reporting that air pollution triggers more heart attacks than cocaine!

4. Remember the whole "loud bag" issue Sun Chips was having last year. Ecorazzi posted an article talking about the company's new second try at eco-friendly bags.

5. As foodies, it is very important to talk about Eating Disorders Awareness week. Blogher has some great info about it.

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