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Improve Your Gas Mileage...

Luckily gas prices are on the down. But let’s face it. It won’t last! By the time summer rolls around, fuel prices will be way up again.


So, instead of pulling a Cheech and Chong and siphoning out someone else’s gas into a trash can, try these easy tips for boosting gas mileage:

  • Drive under the speed limit. Keep it under 60mph.
  • Properly inflated tires can improve mileage by 3%
  • Use right the fuel. Check your owner’s manual.
  • Keep up with maintenance. Get tune ups and oil changes.
  • Lose weight. Have less bodyweight to lug around.

From the Organic Authority Files

  • Cut wind resistance. Remove luggage racks.
  • Tighten your gas cap. Don’t let gas vapors escape.
  • Don’t sit idle. Turn off your car in gridlock.
  • Map out your trip. Plan a shorter route.
  • Don’t run the air conditioning and park in shade.

You could probably add to that list. Try walking or bike riding more or taking public transportation—if you dare—like buses, subways and trains.

In related news, if you think the U.S. gets hammered with gas prices. Be glad you don’t live in the Netherlands, where gas prices can top $9.97 a gallon. Eek!

Via GreenUpgrader.

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