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Jamie Oliver's 'Food Revolution' Has Wheels


Jamie Oliver, host of the award winning television show, The Food Revolution unveiled his much anticipated food truck last week at the TEDX conference being held in Long Beach, CA.

Oliver had been Tweeting about his forthcoming Food Revolution mobile kitchen food truck for a few weeks with giddy excitement.

Unlike most of LA's food trucks, which are typically the size of a UPS delivery truck, Oliver's Food Revolution food truck is an 18-wheeler, capable of fitting up to 40 students at one time in its fully loaded kitchen that boasts eight separate kitchen stations, plasma TV screens and a stage.

Recipient of a 2010 TED prize, Oliver used some of the prize money to create the Food Revolution truck, which he says is part of his desire to create a sustainable movement toward providing children with better education in schools about their health and the food they eat.

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From the Organic Authority Files

The truck was designed by architect David Rockwell with the intention to be an "unexpected spectacle" at schools, fairs and farmer's markets in Los Angeles.

Oliver, who came to LA to film season two of The Food Revolution, has been denied access by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and prevented from filming on school grounds. Repeated attempts have been met with little support from the LAUSD and has even led to Oliver pulling media stunts such as filling an entire standard school bus with fake sugar to demonstrate how much sugar students consume each week just through the consumption of flavored milk products.

Oliver continues to petition the LAUSD for opportunities to work with their staff and students in eating healthier foods, and he was recently granted the opportunity to develop three weeks worth of healthy menu items for LA area schools.

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