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Jay Leno's Green Garage


Most people know Jay Leno from the Tonight Show or his standup career in the 1980s. But he’s also a gear-head.

He likes cars. And in our new eco-conscious society, driving hotrods and gas-guzzlers isn’t going to win many hearts and minds.

That’s why Leno’s different. Somewhere in Southern California is Jay’s Big Dog Garage and it’s outfitted with a lot of eco-innovations:

  • 54-kilowatt solar panel system
  • 10-kilowatt vertical axis wind turbine
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From the Organic Authority Files

  • Parts-washer that uses microbes to consume grease and oil
  • Industrial canister exchange system, replaces aerosol cans for break cleansers
  • Natural all-purpose cleaners
  • 90% efficient hot water heater.

He’s also got a bunch of cool cars, like a GM biodiesel super-car powered by a Honeywell LT-101 turbine engine. For more, check out Jay Leno's Garage.

Via The Los Angeles Times.

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