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From dolphin saving to sugar cravings, we value all the knowledge our friends are sharing and spreading over the web. Here's our weekly round up of articles that snatched up our attention. We hope you love the Links We Love!

  • Bay Area Bites teaches us how to make our own cherry pecan granola healthy using olive oil instead of butter; yum!
  • YumSugar answers the question: Why do some sodas - like the ones in Europe - contain sugar, while others - namely those in the US - contain high fructose corn syrup?
  • You all saw The Cove, or at least heard about it, that oscar-winning documentary about the dolphin slaughter going on in Japan. Treehugger lets us in on the new miniseries coming up on Animal Planet, Blood Dolphins, that takes up where The Cove left off.
  • 1800Recycling divulges the low-down, dirty details on dioxane: what it is, where it is (hint:shampoo), and why it should be avoided.

image from KQED's Bay Area Bites

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