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MADE: A Refreshingly Delicious Green Tea Juice Drink


With the gluttony of over processed foods and drinks on the market (that frankly aren't fit for human consumption in my book), I'm always on the lookout for delicious new products in the organic market place that make my life and yours, just that much easier. I've found one, and it is delicious!

Let me introduce you to MADE drinks, a certified organic line of drinks that combines green tea and fruit juices. When my husband and I were told about this new line of organic drinks, I have to admit I was a little skeptical. Juice drinks can be some of the worst offenders of misleading packaging claims, and most are full of artificial sweeteners (which I hate and literally turn sour on my palate), and ingredients I avoid like the plague, like high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, additives and more.


But with Made's simple ingredient list, (like organic green tea, water, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice or blueberry juice, most of their drinks have seven ingredients), super creative flavors like strawberry mojito, blueberry lemonade, blackberry peach, pomegranate lemonade (along with four other flavors for a total of eight), and the USDA organic certification, I had to try them.

First up, strawberry mojito. I love organic strawberries and drinking real mojitos (made from scratch of course), so this one got me excited. I cracked open a bottle, poured it over a tall glass of ice, and let it chill for a moment. Next I held it up to my nose and gave it a sniff (yes kind of like wine!). Why? Because, I immediately smelled a floral scent from this most unusual drink, and that wowed me and wet my taste buds for what's next.

My first sip coated my mouth with a refreshingly delicious strawberry, floral, minty flavor. Wow. After I swallowed, the mint lingered in my mouth and jumped to the front of my tongue, while the floral essence lingered around my mouth and left my mouth feeling clean and fresh. This is a much different experience from other juice drinks on the market that leave my tongue feeling thick and over sweetened (hence another reason why I don't drink them)!

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From the Organic Authority Files

Next I tried the strawberry lemonade and blueberry lemonade. Both were quite impressive, each with their own floral bouquet and distinct fresh strawberry and blueberry flavors with a lemonade finish. Yum! My husband, assistant and I all agreed that we would buy this product. And that is saying a lot because we don't buy prepackaged juice drinks because of all the unknown yucky ingredients mentioned earlier in this piece and poor flavor.

Watch "A Healthy & Delicious Green Tea Juice Drink: MADE" video


Made has a cool socially responsible, entrepreneurial spirit behind it as well. Launched by Charley Snell, former executive of one of the world's largest food manufacturers, his dream is to make organics accessible to everyone and create a product that is refreshing, delicious, and contributes to the health of society and mother earth (he even named his company after his favorite place on the planet, Yosemite's Tenaya canyon!).

Born in Snell's friend's kitchen, the concept of Made is simple: an organic product "made" for people by people with simple ingredients. This kind of simplicity fits perfectly into my life.

If you want to learn more about Charley Snell and Made drinks, please visit their website.

Editor's note: This post is sponsored by Made

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