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Martha Stewart Speaks Out Against Cruel Pig Gestation Crates

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Martha Stewart has written an open letter to members of the New Jersey legislature, urging them to rethink their decision to veto S. 1921 – a bill that would prohibit the use of gestation crates when breeding pigs. Although these crates are standard practice in the pork industry, many consider them inhuman because pigs are left without room to move in any way. According to Martha Stewart, these pigs are being treated worse than we treat our most violent criminals, yet have committed no crime.

Once passed, the bill would eliminate small cages and require pigs used for breeding be allowed to at least stand, lie down, and turn around. According to a survey by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, 91 percent of New Jersey voters support this legislation, along with overwhelmingly supportive votes of 29 to four in the Senate and 60 to five in the Assembly. Considering nine states have already banned the practice, it was thought New Jersey would be next until Gov. Christie vetoed the bill because of outside (and politically-fueled) influences.

On board to demand the veto be overwritten are over 20 New Jersey-based and national animal rights groups – the Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, and Mercy for Animals, to name a few.

The campaign now includes a television commercial that shows pigs in gestation crates:

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"Anyone who's ever interacted with pigs knows that they’re social, intelligent animals who want to avoid suffering just as much as the dogs and cats we welcome into our families,” writes Stewart. “Please stand with the overwhelming majority… to help make S. 1921 law. It’s the right thing to do for animals.”

New Jersey residents are encouraged to contact their legislators, while non-New Jersey residents are encouraged to sign this petition to help pigs everywhere.

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Image: Humane Society of the US

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