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Michael Pollan Dishes on Michelle Obama and Food Rules


The Seattle Times interviewed food movement hero Michael Pollan about his latest book, Food Rules, the state of the food in America, and Michelle Obama. About the first lady, Pollan says,

She's a very important voice in the food movement now, and I think is raising people's consciousness, people who haven't read a book like "Omnivore's Dilemma" or "Food Rules" . . . People tend to underestimate these projects on the part of first ladies and think they're kind of benign. But actually they can be quite powerful, and I think her contribution will be quite powerful.

Like Michael Pollan, Organic Authority is excited about several projects that the First Lady has been working on, from school lunch reform to the new-and-improved White House garden to her campaign to end childhood obesity.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Pollan also talks about his next book, which is going to be about how we turn raw ingredients into food through cooking and fermentation:

I'm working on a book about cooking, which is really a book about how we transfer things in nature through fire and water. Fermentation is another way we do it, whether we're making wine or cheese or pickles or sausage. I'm interested in all the alchemies that go on in the kitchen.

Leave it to Michael Pollan to make chemistry interesting and important! Until the book comes out, you can check out this video of Laura tasting organic wine and cheese, this article on organic wines, and this recipe for blue cheese cabernet organic hamburgers. Yum! That should tide you over.

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