Non-Organic Celery Packed with 67 Pesticides

That sounds like the bizzaro world version of “contains 100 daily servings of vitamins and minerals.”

But it’s true. The Environmental Working Group claims non-organic celery – i.e. the stuff billions of people buy willy-nilly everyday – has 67 different kinds of pesticides.

Celery was fingered as containing the most pesticides because of its structure; soft skin makes it very prone to absorption of things it touches.

Have you ever stuck a stalk of celery in a glass of food coloring? Same idea.

The scary part is the testing of vegetables, like celery, takes place after the United States Food & Drug Administration uses high-power pressure water systems to wash the produce. Fail.

The Environmental Working Group released this information to help educate consumers about what they’re eating. Good idea, I doubt most people putting peanut butter and ants – err, raisins – on a stalk of celery know about its pesticide content.

Other filthy dirty fruits and vegetables include cherries, nectarines, collard greens, and potatoes. On the other hand, corn, onions, avocados, and mangoes are among the cleanest produce. Hooray!

Image credit: webshots