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March 2, 2022
Make this sheet pan chicken recipe with smashed potatoes and rainbow carrots for your next dinner party.
How To Cook Artichokes in 3 Easy Ways
June 7, 2018
Artichokes are a tasty veggie that can be enjoyed as an entree or as a side dish. Learn how to…
vegetarian indian recipes - chana masala
November 14, 2016
The rich culinary heritage of India highlights plant-based diets. These four vegetarian Indian recipes give you just a taste for…
3 GMO Potatoes Get USDA Approval
November 3, 2016
The USDA has approved GMO potatoes produced by several U.S. companies. The potatoes are designed to resist bruising and browning.
USDA Approves Second Variety of Simplot's GMO Potatoes
September 2, 2015
J.R. Simplot has received USDA approval for its GMO potatoes engineered to resist the potato famine pathogen.
December 19, 2014
This year, save your stovetop space (and your sanity!) and try any of these 5 Christmas recipes to make in…
November 10, 2014
The USDA has approved genetically modified potatoes designed to produce less of the controversial chemical acrylamide than conventional potatoes.
Veggie Chips
September 17, 2014
Homemade veggie chips can be as simple as beets tossed with olive oil or as exotic as sunchoke chips with…
August 21, 2014
Food storage tips for your refrigerator! Or rather, what NOT to put in your refrigerator unless you want mealy tomatoes…
Shepherds Pie
December 24, 2013
The holidays practically scream out for mashed potatoes on the feast table. After the feast, try 12 uses for leftover…