NYC Subways to Offer Green Rides...

If you’ve ever rode a New York City subway you’d assume a “green ride” refers to the pile of split pea-colored vomit on the only empty seat.


Fortunately, it doesn’t. The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) may implement a program allowing riders to purchase green MetroCards.

Regular MetroCards replaced traditional tokens for subway rides in 2003.

From the Organic Authority Files

But the new green MetroCards will donate money towards environmentally sustainable operations. It’s all part of the MTA’s $1 million proposal to lessen the environmental impact if its operations.

Spokespeople for the MTA say the new cards may be a little more expensive than regular cards, but the extra money will only go towards funding earth friendly projects.

Riders will be able to buy the green MetroCards at vending machines.

Sounds cool! All New Yorkers, including the homeless guy playing a guitar with no strings in the Union Square station, thank the MTA for being more eco-conscious.

Via Red Green and Blue.

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