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On the Brink, Water Monsters and Pygmies


Yup, they’re both very cute. And very endangered! The pink guy is an axolotl or water monster. They’re native to Mexico and were an important part of Aztec legend and diet. But now they’re in trouble. Mexico’s polluted waterways and invasive species, like African tilapia, threaten their survival; the Associated Press reports.

Better news for the Pygmy Tarsier. This 2-ounce primate had not been seen alive since the 1920s, until now! Researchers in Indonesia, where Tarsiers are native too, just discovered 3 of them and they were quick to tag them for further research. Logging is likely to blame for their elusiveness; via National Geographic News.

Other animals in peril are polar bears, penguins and kangaroos. Maybe even humans are too!

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