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Oregon Set to Certify Farms as Organic

Until now, Oregon farmers couldn't call their crops organic without help from the private sector or from other states.


But not anymore, the Oregon Department of Agriculture will now perform its own certifications.

This makes Oregon the 16th state nationally accredited to bestow “organic” on a prospective farm.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Oregon joins states like Maryland, Iowa, Washington, and Idaho.

So if you have an aspiring organic farm in Oregon, it'll cost you $75 an hour for the state to audit your books and check fields for certain pesticides and fertilizers, before you join the organic club.

Good news for the state, because organic sales in Oregon jumped from $10 million in 2002 to $90 million in 2007.

I wonder why Oregon waited. And what's the deal with the other states too!

Via OPB News.

Image credit: Downing Street

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