Organic Dark Chocolate Maker Still Thriving in Bitter Economy

I love chocolate, and the darker, more bittersweet the better. I like my chocolate to be mistaken for topsoil.

So Green & Black’s is a dynamite choice. Here in New Jersey, you can find it in the organic sections of most supermarkets.

Green & Black’s, a British company with markets in Europe, North America, and Australia, is chocolate muddy happiness.

And despite the tough economic times, Green & Black’s continues to grow, and has been sought after by many big corporate suitors.

Green & Black’s buys premium quality cocoa from local Mayan farmers in Belize, and their candy bars are both organic and fair trade, meaning they buy directly from farmers, no middleman, so growers get higher payments.

When the company started, owner Craig Sams, founder of Whole Earth Foods, positioned the brand as a luxury, rather than just another organic earthy-crunchy food product. And it was a good idea!

Now, Green & Black’s is a globetrotter, doing business in places like Canada, the United States, and New Zealand, and last year it posted $100 million in sales.

And currently, Cadbury, yes, the makers of those crack-like addictive chocolate eggs, owns a portion of the company, and now Kraft Foods is looking to buy them, both companies have interest in Green & Black’s to bolster their own organic image.

Ha! I’m actually running out right now to snag a Toffee. Rawr!

Via The New York Times.

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