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Pig Poop Can Fight Climate Change!

Thanks to swine flu, cute innocent little pigs have gotten a bad name, but restoring pigs’ reputation may come from an unlikely place.


Their poop! In the Netherlands, a pig farm with 2,700 pigs uses their crap to produce electricity that feeds power into the Dutch national grid.

Like cats and dogs, pigs can be house broken. So these porkers poop through slats on the floor and the slurry of muck is channeled to a bunch of mixing tanks.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Once in the tanks, the poop is mixed with low-quality grain and carrot juice—to increase methane output—then bacteria breaks down the waste in a digester tank and finally the gas is sucked up into a generator to produce electricity.

This system reduces emissions, shrinks carbon footprints and may help cattle farms—known contributors to global warming—possibly become carbon neutral.

Via the Associated Press.

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