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Posh British Restaurant Foraging for Ingredients


Honey nettles and wild flowers for dinner? Exotic, but it doesn't sound very filling.

The BBC has the scoop on a hot British restaurant where the star chef Sat Bains ordered an employee to use her foraging skills to expand the kitchen's repertoire. Rosy garlic and kitchen honey nettles grow just a few feet away from the restaurant, so picking them seemed natural to Nanna Vestergard, a kitchen worker. Talk about local!

Vestergard learned how to forage in her native country of Denmark. Don't try this at home! You shouldn't try your luck at foraging without doing serious research. Vestergard warns that unless you're 100% sure, "you shouldn't be picking anything at all." Another basic rule is "if it tastes really horrible, usually it isn't good for you."

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From the Organic Authority Files

If foraging isn't your thing, you might want to try gardening, instead. Learn how to create a kitchen garden for free. You'll know what all the plants are (and that's it's safe to eat them) and you won't have to worry about big wig British chefs taking the fruit you had your eye on.

Image Credit: Minds Eye

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