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Image of father with son looking at an indoor garden
July 10, 2024
An indoor garden kit is what you need to freshen up your living environment, reduce your carbon footprint, and save…
colorful different heirloom tomatoes
Credit: Gabriella Marino
August 24, 2021
Learn how to grow tomatoes, the history of tomatoes, why they are a safe, nutritious nightshade, plus our best caprese…
7 Kitchen Scraps for Regrowing Vegetables and Reducing Food Waste
Credit: Kristen Kaethler on Upsplash
April 24, 2020
You can reduce food waste and save cash by regrowing vegetables from your kitchen scraps.
5 apartment balcony gardening tips
Credit: iStock/AleksandarNakic
May 6, 2019
Apartment living is enough to make anyone scream “Serenity now!” Or other, more colorful, words to the same effect. An…
This is How to Grow a Successful Autumn Garden
September 5, 2018
You, too, can start an autumn garden if you know some basic gardening rules to make your fall harvest produce…
11 Fun New Herbs and Vegetables to Grow in Your Home Garden
June 7, 2018
From exotic greens to dramatic tomatoes to exciting basil varieties, these are this year’s trendy new herbs and vegetables to…
7 Pretty Garden Accessories
June 1, 2018
Ready to grow an amazing garden? Make it easier with products that can help. Get ready to get your garden…
How to Grow a Living Garden Rug with Pretty Ground Cover Plants
March 31, 2018
Create a living work of art outdoors when you design a garden rug made with low-growing, hearty plants, herbs, and…
Why a Black Flower Garden Like Kat Von D's Can Be So Healing
image via Kat Von D/Instagram
August 27, 2017
Kat Von D can now add 'goth gardener' to her long list of titles. Here's why gardening a beautiful (black)…
These 7 Common Tomato Plant Problems Can Ruin Your Harvest: Here's How to Troubleshoot
August 4, 2017
Instead of gorgeous fruit in your garden do you see cracks, holes, and yellow leaves? Find the culprits to common…