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Powering Cars with Human Fat!

Okay, going green can get pretty creative, like making plastic out of wood or building a Buddhist temple with beer bottles. But using liposuctioned fat to fuel your girlfriend’s SUV is downright gross!


That’s exactly what one Beverly Hills liposurgeon did. And, he says most of his patients actually requested he use their sucked out fat for fuel, or as he calls it, lipodiesel.

Yes, its very disgusting, but apparently animal fat, like pig lard and human lard, is just as good as vegetable fat for making fuel. The only difference being animal fat requires one extra processing step to remove certain fatty acids.

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From the Organic Authority Files

But unfortunately for this would-be fuel mogul, using human medical waste as fuel is illegal in California. Even still, his operation was running smoothly until several patients sued him for allowing his unlicensed girl friend and assistant to perform liposuctions, in which patients claim to much fat was removed, leaving them permanently disfigured.

He’s since closed his practice and now volunteers in South America. Maybe that’s where the real fat gold lies—chubbling crude!

Via DiscoBlog.

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