Solavore’s Solar Oven Improves Women’s Lives in Developing Countries

The Solavore solar oven is great for cooking outdoors.

Solavore, an Austin, Texas company that specializes in solar-powered cooking apparatuses, hopes to empower women in developing countries through sales of its Sport solar oven.

Earlier this year, Anne Patterson, current CEO of Solavore, took over the business, which was formerly known as Solar Oven Society (SOS). SOS was founded in 1995 in Minneapolis and originally developed Solavore’s popular (and dependable) product, the Sport solar oven. When Patterson took over the company, she resumed production of the Sport oven. She was a fan of the solar oven and felt it was one of the best products available in the industry.

While Petterson wants the Sport solar oven to become popular with cooks all over the United States, she also wants to give the durable oven to women who could use a sustainable cooking apparatus in developing countries.

“Solavore is built on the belief that cooking fuels should be healthy and as abundant as sunlight. Solavore pledges to use profits from the Sport to provide healthy cooking fuel alternatives to wood, charcoal, kerosene and coal for women in sun-rich countries like Afghanistan, Sub-Saharan Africa, India and Central America. In doing so, Solavore is reducing deforestation and carbon emissions and empowering women by providing a free cooking fuel and small-business incubation,” reports the company.

A pretty impressive and seemingly attainable goal, don’t you think?

So, the big question is: will people buy it? We think so. After all, the components of the solar oven are made in the United States, and designed by solar-cooking engineers for “maximum efficiency, durability, and ease of use.”

Here are some of the oven’s specs:

  • It’s nine pounds, so it’s easy to handle and move from place to place.
  • It only needs sun to run.
  • The oven can hold two pots.
  • It’s stable and can stand its ground against strong winds.
  • The oven also is safe to have around kids: It features one-inch rigid foam insulation that keeps heat inside the oven. The exterior of the oven only gets warm to the touch.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Sport solar over and the company, click here. To read about the company’s overall “empower women” initiative, click here.

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