The 7 Worst Fast Food Breakfast Options

For many years the only place serving up fast food breakfast was McDonalds. But then everyone got into the breakfast sandwiches and bad coffee game, and what was once a holy meal to be consumed at home, was now being stuffed and guzzled during a quick drive to work. If you can take one rule of thumb into your life regarding fast food and breakfast, it’s this: don’t eat fast food breakfast. (As a matter of fact, you probably shouldn’t eat at fast food restaurants at all.)

Here are the 7 very worst fast food breakfast options to avoid at all costs:

1. Taco Bell

Waffle tacos and breakfast sodas are the name of the game at Taco Bell. With sausage and syrup, those waffle tacos weigh in at around 460 calories. If the waffle is too much for you, there’s always the A.M. Crunchwrap, a delectable concoction of scrambled eggs, a hash brown, cheese and bacon, sausage or steak in a flour tortilla. Breakfast burrito or breakfast nightmare? As a fast food restaurant that has been sued for using mystery ingredients, there’s one takeaway here: avoid, avoid, avoid.

2. Burger King

Not only is the breakfast menu bad – no one ever needs a Croissan’wich, much less a Double Croissan’wich – but it was recently announced that Burger King was about to expand its offerings. But not by adding new breakfast items. Nope, just by encouraging diners to eat “Burgers at Breakfast”. Nothing says good morning like a double bacon cheeseburger.

3. Carl’s Jr.

While Burger King wants you to just eat their normal burgers for breakfast, Carl’s Jr. actually has an “official” Breakfast Burger. A burger topped with egg, bacon, American cheese, and hasbrown nuggets (yup, they’re actually in the burger), the breakfast item comes in at 800 calories. That is sure to wake you up (before knocking you on your ass).

4. Chick-fil-A

Because fried chicken is certainly part of a complete breakfast, Chick-fil-A offers up Chick-n-Minis, bite sized nuggets nestled into buttery rolls, which the fast food chain has kindly slathered in honey butter for you. Yet another reason the World Health Organization wants nations to regulate their fast food chains in order to fight obesity.

5. Jack in the Box

If you’re working in the world of fast food restaurants, you have to find ways to outdo the competition. What’s the best way to do that in the breakfast sandwich world? Get rid of the bun. The Jack in the Box Waffle Breakfast Sandwich is exactly that, made with two waffles that have been doused in maple syrup to ensure that you get that real breakfast taste.

6. Dunkin’ Donuts

What’s more classic than donuts and coffee for a quick breakfast? I’ll tell you what: a Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich. Yes, it’s a glazed donut stuffed with eggs and bacon, the things that breakfast dreams are made of. If only they could make it on a maple bar.

7. McDonald’s

The Egg McMuffin is the least of our worries on the McDonald’s breakfast menu. Here you can get everything from cinnamon melts (cinnamon rolls in a plastic bowl doused with glaze) to a Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddle, which comes in at about the same calorie count as a Big Mac.

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