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There's Medical Marijuana Infused Pizza Delivery in Los Angeles Now

stoned oven pizza

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles may smell a little interesting these days. No, it’s not the scent of a new type of marijuana, nor is it the odor of (ahem) unshowered hippies. It’s the smell of fresh, delicious pizza. Pizza with pot baked right into it.

Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizzas is making regular old pizzas with all of your favorite toppings, except there’s a special, you could say, hidden ingredient in the pie dough: ethanol-extracted tetrahydrocannabinol, concentrated THC. And it’s the stuff that gets you really, really, really high.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the pizzas are available at medical marijuana dispensaries “in Hollywood, the San Fernando Valley, Westwood and Upland,” and each six-inch pizza will cost you $10. The company also delivers.

If I had a time machine, you can bet I’d be heading back a few decades to snag my teenage self and all of my stoner friends for a trip to 2014, where, like, the pot is baked right into the pizzas, man! Woah. (The irony of course is that none of my friends would believe me and think that I was just some really, really, really stoned old lady.)

But all tokes jokes aside, this is medical marijuana we’re talking about, and while it elicits the same high as regular marijuana, there are proven health benefits that are incredibly valuable to its users. Although Stoned Oven’s may be the first commercial pot-pizza enterprise in LA, there are lots of food products available that are infused with medical marijuana. It’s a great delivery method for people who want to avoid smoking (which is bad for you, even when it’s medical marijuana). Even vaporizing isn’t the greatest delivery method for some. But edibles, as they’re called, allow card carriers to medicate wherever and whenever they need without the hassle or stigma of smoking. The only problem I can see is that people sure do love pizza! So not only could the patient eat a slice too many, there’s dangerous risks if the pizza is left unattended, especially with hungry kids around.

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