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This Soup IS For You: Seinfeld's Soupman Serving Up Nationally

The Soupman is coming to a kitchen near you.

If you're going to serve yourself some soul and body warming soup, why not pick one that's actually called "art, not soup," by The New York Times? We're talking soup made by the famous "Seinfeld Soup Nazi." Yes, the "No Soup for You" guy is actually making soups you can eat (if you ask politely, that is).

According to a recent press release, Soupman, Inc. offers a variety of its soups all around New York -- specifically at the Original Store on 55th Street & 8th Ave., and other Soupman restaurants and mobile units. It's also available online, as well as at

Curious about what soups the Soupman is known for? We were too. Shockingly (or not shockingly because he is the Soupman, after all), the Soupman brand carries quite a few intriguing flavors:

- Lobster Bisque
- Crab Bisque, Minestrone
- Chicken Gumbo
- Crab & Corn Chowder
- Mulligatawny
- Butternut Squash
- Lentil
- Chicken Vegetable
- Jambalaya
- New England Clam Chowder
- Shrimp Bisque
- Tomato Basil
- And many more

Luckily, the The Original Soupman soup flavors also have an eco-friendly bent: six varieties are available in environmentaly smart, 17-ounce Tetra Pak cartons. All of the soups are made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. (And the brand's Lentil Soup is organic and gluten-free.)

“I am pleased to be able to serve the soups, which are our life’s passion, to so many, many people across the country,” the Soupman, says. “It’s an honor to know my customers are enjoying a healthy meal that was created thousands of miles away from New York City.”

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From the Organic Authority Files

For those who want to see the Soupman in person, you can find him at his original store in NYC, on soupmobiles at local events throughout the nation, and at MetLife stadium during the football season.

If you want to try a batch, get some at Kroger, Fairway, and Publix -- additional locations vary. (And if you're interested in looking at the brand's store tracker or you want to order some soup, visit

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