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Trade Group Launches Nation's First Certification for Plant-Based Food

Plant-based food manufacturers now have their own certification program.
Trade Group Launches Nation's First Certification for Plant-Based Food

As demand for plant-based products continues to rise, there's now a Certified Plant Based label from the industry trade group. The Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) in association with certifying agency NSF International launched the program this week.

The new certification helps manufacturers meet the criteria to bear the label; foods such as plant-based meat, eggs, and dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, milk, and butter made from nondairy sources. PBFA currently has more than 100 member companies including The Campbell Soup Company.

“The launch of the Certified Plant Based seal is an exciting next step for the fast-growing and innovative plant-based foods industry,” Michele Simon, PBFA’s executive director, said in a statement earlier this week. “As consumers are looking to purchase more plant-based options, this new seal ensures confidence in what plant-based means.”

Demand for vegan and plant-based food items is at an all-time high. PBFA notes that sales of plant-based foods grew 20 percent over last year, more than ten times the growth of every other food sector. Data obtained from Nielsen's Homescan survey found nearly 40 percent of Americans are reducing their meat consumption and increasing plant-based alternatives.

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“Plant-based food sales are growing rapidly,” said Steve Taormina, manager for NSF International’s Consumer Values Verified Program. “The best way for consumers to navigate the marketplace and make confident purchasing decisions is to look for independent certification of the plant-based claim.”

Founding member of PBFA, The Tofurky Company, is one of the first brands to implement the program. “Tofurky is a proud early adopter of the new Certified Plant Based seal. In partnership with the PBFA, we’re setting an expectation for a recognizable category trust-mark,” said Tofurky CEO Jaime Athos. “This mark will provide consumers with confidence in purchasing 100% plant-based foods, for health and sustainability.”

Popular oat milk manufacturer Oatly has also added the certification to its Oatly’s Original, Barista, Mocha Barista, Chocolate, and Low Fat varieties.

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